A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Linux Users: Let me know if you can see textures in the first map.

It's untextured and very unfinished, but I finally have a second map
to show off, along with many small bugfixes and features.

1. You now have armor, along with related pickups.
2. You can now heal with 2 kinds of health pickups. Look for different
colored "cross" pickups around levels.
3. You're no longer limited by the amount of starting ammo. You can now
pick up ammo boxes littered around as well. Look for the symbol on the boxes
to know what ammo type they replenish.

Remember the "frob" key (default F) - you use it to toggle switches and open
doors. You'll know if you can "frob" something if you see the orange corners
of a reticle on your screen. This isn't Quake, you can't open doors just by
touching them!

You have multiple saving options, with a dedicated "quick" save slot, along
with 3 hard saves, selectable in the main/pause menus. By default, F5 will
quick save and F9 will quick load.

On Windows, save files are located in <username>/AppData/Roaming/Coal. On Linux,
saves will try to be placed in XDG_DATA_HOME if it exists, then fall back to
"<HOME>/.local/share/Coal" if it doesn't. People with non-ASCII OS'es/usernames, let me know if these saves appear in the right place!

You can change some settings like resolution and FOV in config.cfg.
(though now you can change some in the in-game menu)


The save file format has changed, and I don't handle invalidating older
versions. If you've played the DDX or DD11 builds of Coal, make sure not to
load old saves!

You may not be able to see all the bindings on your screen in the bindings
menu. Use your mousewheel you scroll through to see them all - I haven't
added a clamp to scroll yet.

Enemies may not pathfind to you correctly - this is because I'm in the middle
of transitioning from navigation waypoints to navigation meshes. This helps
me in my workflow, but there's still polishing left to do.

Default Controls:

W/S/A/D: Move around
Mouse: Look around
LMB: Fire weapon
RMB: Toggle ironsights
C: Crouch/Uncrouch, Ground Slide (while running)
Shift: Run (while moving)
Spacebar: Jump
Q: Lean Left (hardcded)
E: Lean Right (hardcoded)
G: Take screenshot (hardcoded)
F: Use/frob
~: Open developer console
F5 Quick Save (hardcoded)
F9 Quick Load (hardcoded)
Mousewheel Cycle available weapons
1 Equip Pistol
2 Equip Shotgun
3 Equip Plasma Rifle
4 Equip Rocket Launcher

See credits.txt for licensing info on assets not made by me.

More information

Published 76 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, Linux
TagsFPS, Shooter

Install instructions

Windows: Extract coal_dd14.zip and run coal.exe

Linux: Extract coal_dd14.zip, and run coal.x86 (you'll probably have to make it executable). Sorry for no 64-bit version, my 64-bit Ubuntu 12.04 VM broke the night before submission.


coal_dd14.zip (70 MB)


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Really impressive quality!

(starts 21:55)

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Very good game