A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Now featuring models by Theonian (theonian.tumblr.com). 

More fixes and polishing than additions. Also, level 2 is now (mostly) textured.
Remember the "frob" key (default F) - you use it to toggle switches and open
doors. You'll know if you can "frob" something if you see the orange corners
of a reticle on your screen. This isn't Quake, you can't open doors just by
touching them!
You have multiple saving options, with a dedicated "quick" save slot, along
with 3 hard saves, selectable in the main/pause menus. By default, F5 will
quick save and F9 will quick load.
Screenshots and the config file are now stored in your user folder along with saves.

On Windows, the user folder <username>/AppData/Roaming/Coal. On Linux, this will be set to XDG_DATA_HOME if it exists, then fall back to "<HOME>/.local/share/Coal" if it doesn't. People with non-ASCII OS languages/usernames, let me know if these saves appear in the right place!
The lowest recommended resolution is 1024x768. Lower ones technically work, but menu elements will be clipped.
Default Controls:
    W/S/A/D:    Move around
    Mouse:        Look around
    LMB:        Fire weapon
    C:            Crouch/Uncrouch, Ground Slide (while running)
    Shift:        Run (while moving)
    Spacebar:    Jump
    Capslock:    Toggle Always Run
    F12:        Take screenshot
    F:            Use/frob
    ~:            Open developer console (hardcoded)
    F5            Quick Save
    F9            Quick Load
    Mousewheel    Cycle available weapons
    Number Keys    Select available weapons

Published Sep 09, 2017
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, Linux
TagsFirst-Person, FPS

Install instructions

Windows: Extract coal_dd16_win.zip and run coal.exe

Linux: coal_dd16_lin.tar.gz and run coal.sh. I compiled the binaries with Ubuntu 14.04. Hopefully the glibc requirement is reasonable.


coal_dd16_win.zip 35 MB
coal_dd16_lin.tar.gz 35 MB


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What a cracking couple of levels of almost quake'esq style gameplay. Thank you.




I very much like all these settings in a demo day, demo. AI is very primitive and won't react to being shot from a distance thus won't chase. Can very easily kite(with running on which should be a default setting)enemies between attacks so if your plan is to add melee at some point, you can keep that. Can fall off the map due to collisions in general, can't exactly keep jump momentum and turn with it as any momentum is killed upon pressing a different direction key, which you most likely did not intend to do. Wall collisions when picking up the armour shards and health kits near the ramp with a teleporter to a rocket launcher will just get you stuck unless you move directly off the wall(I know source has the speed exploit on walls with this but stopping the player like so is frustrating and kills any fun). Sadly I don't think I ever got to spawn those two bosses in your screenshots as the requirements are unknown to me, sorry. Weapons seem fine and I haven't found any other bugs or issues. Have fun developing your game.